Easy Peezy Family Washrooms

Easy Peezy Washrooms Project

Easy Peezy Family Washrooms

Back in 2012, over 250 parents from our region filled out a survey that asked questions about how ‘family friendly’ they thought our area was. In the survey they were asked to identify some priorities to help the region become more family friendly. One of the top three responses was a call for more family friendly washrooms throughout the downtowns of each community in the region. FAN took the lead on this project, working with local businesses, organizations and parents to create the Easy Peezy Family Washroom project.

Easy Peezy is just that…easy! When a business or organization displays the Easy Peezy logo in their window, you know that you can bring in your kids and use their washroom. There is no need for you to make a purchase. The organizations displaying the Easy Peezy logo have signed an agreement to be a host for an Easy Peezy site and are doing so because they want to help make our region the ‘best place to raise a child.’

Easy Peezy Family Washroom Sites

Easy Peezy

What you can expect from all Easy Peezy Family Washrooms:

  • Safe, clean and accessible use of washroom facilities
  • Change table, garbage pail and other amenities
  • No purchase is necessary to access the washroom

Some Easy Peezy locations will be marked Eazy Peezy Plus. An Easy Peezy Plus site offers more than just the family washroom. We call these sites ‘comfort stations’ and just like the name suggests, they offer some additional comfort than just washroom facilities.

Easy Peezy Plus

What you can expect from an Easy Peezy Plus washroom:

  • Safe, clean and accessible use of washroom facilities
  • Change table, garbage pail and other amenities
  • No purchase is necessary to access the washroom
  • Chair or place to sit to feed or nurse a child
  • Quiet, private location to attend to the needs of your child

Easy Peezy Locations

Easy Peezy Rossland Locations

Rossland Public Library
Easy Peezy Family Washroom
2180 Columbia Avenue, Rossland, BC

Laundry Dog Laundromat
Easy Peezy Family Washroom
1960B Columbia Avenue, Rossland, BC

Rossland Museum and Discovery Centre
Easy Peezy Family Washroom
1100 Hwy 3B, Rossland, BC

Easy Peezy Trail Locations

CBAL Office
Easy Peezy Family Washroom Plus
1160 Cedar Avenue, Trail, BC

Trail and Area Health and Environment Program Office
Easy Peezy Family Washroom Plus
1319 Bay Avenue, Trail, BC

Trail Aquatic & Leisure Centre
Easy Peezy Family Washroom
1875 Columbia Ave, Trail, BC



Easy Peezy Warfield Location

Outdoor Washroom at Warfield Hall
Easy Peezy Family Washroom
Shutek Drive, Warfield, BC


Easy Peezy Warfield

FAN’s Role

FAN has worked hard to connect to local businesses and organizations to help raise awareness about the importance of investing in early childhood. Those businesses and organizations that have come on board with this project understand the importance of offering more amenities for young families in our downtown cores.

No purchase necessary…but! Behind each Easy Peezy site is a business or organization who has chosen to provide additional services for young families in our community. Show your support when you can for these local businesses – they care about you and your family.

FAN will continue to work in partnership with local companies and organizations to add new Easy Peezy sites throughout our region. If you know of a possible location for an Easy Peezy site, contact our Regional Coordinator at 1-855-368-3707.

Children develop at their own pace. Information provided here is a guide. If you have concerns about your child's development, talk to your health care provider, Public Health Nurse or call the Family Action Network at 1-855-368-3707.