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Check Early Check Often – Early Childhood Development Screening for All Children 0-6

The early years (from birth to age 6) are an important time in your child’s life. How your child plays, learns, speaks and acts provides important clues about their development. As a parent or caregiver, you are the ‘expert’ about your child, as you spend the most time with them and understand them. When you know what typical milestones are for a child at a certain age, you have a way to track their development and recognize whether there are any concerns.

The Family Action Network (FAN) has produced this video, featuring the voices of parents, early childhood professionals and community leaders to give information on the importance of checking your child’s development ‘early and often’ through the early years period.

Shaw’s GO Kootenays Interview About FAN

Click here on this video link to view a Shaw TV interview with the FAN Executive Director from Oct 2014.

Learn more about the Family Action Network and explore some of the key features in our online resource for parents; the familyactionnetwork.ca website.

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