The Family Zone at the Market on the Esplanade

FAN Projects

On this page, you will find information about projects that FAN is leading or involved in. We are grateful for our project partners and sponsors, who help us to create a climate of investment that supports families throughout our region.

The Family Action Network continually seeks partners and funding support to deliver projects that help us to:

  1. Support organizations that help families
  2. Encourage all community organizations and members to invest in families, and consider what their role is in making our region the ‘best place to raise a child’
  3. Champion or lead initiatives that go beyond the scope of a single organization, build on the good work already being done, and support healthy early childhood development
  4. Reach out to and help link families to each other, community resources, and our community at large.

For further information you can contact FAN by calling 1-855-368-3707 or email to:

FAN Partners with UBC

Beginning April 1, 2019, FAN and UBC’s Human Early Learning Partnership are embarking on a two-year project to gather critical information on the developmental health of children between ages 1 and 2 years old and on the well-being of their families.  Working closely with our community partners we will be able to gather important data that can be used to enhance early years supports and services in our region.


The time between ages 1-2 is a period of huge development

Easy Peezy Family Washrooms

Back in 2012, over 250 parents from our region filled out a survey that asked questions about how ‘family friendly’ they thought our area was. In the survey they were asked to identify some priorities to help the region become more family friendly. One of the top three responses was a call for more family friendly washrooms throughout the downtowns of each community in the region. FAN took the lead on this project, working with local businesses, organizations and parents to create the Easy Peezy Family Washroom project.

Ages and Stages

One of FAN’s key objectives is to raise awareness about the importance of regularly checking all children from birth to age five for developmental milestones. Our Ages and Stages events, offered in partnership with local early childhood professionals, provide a chance for local families to have a free, one hour appointment to check their child’s development. Families can ask questions during the appointment about topics like eating, sleeping, walking, behaviour and talking.

Children develop at their own pace. Information provided here is a guide. If you have concerns about your child's development, talk to your health care provider, Public Health Nurse or call the Family Action Network at 1-855-368-3707.