The Holidays are a great time for relaxing, having fun and spending time with family.  But for young children it can also mean anxiety and a dramatic change from their everyday routine.  The following article has some wonderful information to make the holidays a happy one with five tips to help support children during this fun and festive time.  Though the article is based in the States, there are some excellent tips that are helpful.  We have also included a video snippet from Dr. Vanessa Lapointe that reminds us that Christmas is about the imperfect traditions and not about the gift giving.

Let us know if you’ve got any great suggestions or tips that work in your family to keep everyone happy and healthy.  Email your tips to helping kids manage through the holidays to:  We will post them up to our Facebook page to share with other parents.

Click on the following link Five Tips for Happy Holidays with Yong Children published by Michigan State University to access the five tips.

And for a video from Dr. Vanessa Lapointe on how to have the Perfect Imperfect Christmas, click here.