FAN is gathering feedback from local parents on two important questions. We will present your responses to members of the Family Action Network (members include local leaders and representatives of family service providers) this spring.

The Family Action Network received funding from the Community Initiatives Program to offer a series of Conversation Cafes for parents. A part of this funding was to gather feedback from parents to hear your thoughts on two important questions. We would like to offer those of you who couldn’t attend in person a chance to give your feedback. There are two ways to respond. Pop over to our Facebook page and leave a comment after this post or email your responses to

We will present your responses to members of the Family Action Network, who include service providers and leaders of our region. Your voice matters!

The two questions we want your thoughts on are:

  1. What things do you like about raising your child/children in this area? (May include info on services, parks, community supports etc.)
  2. What do you wish we had more of here or what could be improved in order to make our region as child friendly as possible?

Feedback received by March 29th will be included in our report to FAN members. Thank you in advance.

For further questions, contact Christy, FAN Regional Coordinator at 1-855-368-3707 or email to: