Upcoming workshop offers great information about how to manage screen time with children.

Summer is just around the corner and with it, the potential for increased screen time struggles. We live in an increasingly digital world. More and more issues surrounding technology and children are flooding into the home front. How much time on the i pad is too much? What impact will video games have on my child’s development? What are some of the risks I need to be aware of as a parent? How do I take away the ipad without starting a small scale, domestic version of world war III in my living room? These are a few of the many questions that parents are starting to grapple with. Join us to discuss what it means to parent small children in the digital age.

Parents, caregivers and service providers are welcome to register for this workshop coming up in Trail on Wednesday, June 13th at 6:00pm. A delicious pizza dinner will be served from the Rustic Crust. Come have dinner with us and participate in this valuable workshop, led by local Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician Sean Larsen on managing screen time and limiting struggles. To register, please call the CCRR at 250-364-2980 or email smcintosh@trailfair.ca.

Download: Digital Parenting Workshop Poster