Calling all toddlers! The Family Action Network is hosting the Fall Ages and Stages event Saturday, October 19th from 9:00-12:30pm, at the Blueberry Creek Community Hu. If you’ve got a child aged three or younger, call FAN now to book your spot. Ages and Stages is an event where families can come to a relaxed and informal environment to check on their children’s development. Using the Ages and Stages questionnaire, families are able to find out about their child’s age-based milestones, celebrate their children’s strengths and receive great information on how to support your child’s growing mind and body at home.

Children enjoy participating in Ages and Stages because the questionnaires are play-based. Parents and caregivers appreciate the opportunity to talk about their children’s development with an early childhood professional. There will be coffee for the big people, juice and muffins for the little people and door prize giveaways. Please call today to book your spot: 1-855-368-3707.