Mental Wellness is at the forefront of many minds, especially during this past year.  Now, more than ever before, parents are looking for family-friendly resources to help their children navigate big worries. The Greater Trail Early Years Coalition came together to identify this need and collaboratively worked on providing resources around children’s mental health. The coalition decided to provide our local libraries with books that help to support children’s mental wellness.

The Greater Trail Early Years Coalition is a group of non-profit organizations with a global vision to make this region the ‘best place to raise a child’.  Funded by a grant from the Columbia Basin Trust, they decided to purchase books that address mental health in our youngest of community members. As parents, we all have questions about how our kids are doing, including their mental wellness. By providing our local libraries with books that focus on coping with big worries as seen through the eyes of a child, we can offer resources to parents to help start the discussion about mental wellness in a child friendly way.

Families can check out the books that were donated by visiting one of the many organizations that were the recipients of the titles. The Rossland Library, the Trail and District Public Library and the Beaver Valley Library all received three books.  The CCRR (Child Care Resources and Referral) Lending Library also received books to loan.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Columbia Basin Trust as a funder of this initiative.

For more information contact:
Heather Glenn, Executive Director, Family Action Network
250-231-9995 or email: