The Village of Warfield will be celebrating its annual Family Day this Saturday, June 2nd. Two recent initiatives give families even more reason to feel community pride this year. A new family-friendly washroom and an updated policy around smoke-free outdoor spaces from the Village of Warfield.

In April, Council approved an updated version of the Village’s smoke-free outdoor spaces bylaw. This updated bylaw prohibits smoking or vaping in or around places children play – such a playgrounds and parks. The bylaw goes above and beyond the provincial smoke-free legislation around public buildings to state ‘no smoking within six meters of any recreational facility’. The bylaw also includes specific wording prohibiting e-cigarettes and cannabis use in places children and families play.

The second exciting Village addition is the branding of the outdoor washroom off the back of the well-used Warfield Hall as an EZ PZ site. EZ PZ is a partnered initiative between the Village and the Family Action Network and provides a clean, accessible family-friendly washroom. EZ PZ is a region-wide initiative that helps to raise awareness about the importance of investing in early childhood. The groups that have come on board with this project understand the importance of offering more amenities for young families in our downtown cores. “We know that many of our families use the Hall, not only for events and programs but also to visit the playground. Having a clean, accessible family-friendly washroom facility just makes sense.” Says Mayor Diane Langman. There are other EZ PZ sites in Rossland and Trail.

For more information on EZ PZ locations, visit:

Be sure to come out to take part in the many exciting events during Family Day this Saturday, including food vendors, parade, market, photo booth and evening BBQ. The fun gets underway at 8am with a pancake breakfast.