Beginning this September, FAN will be engaging in a two-year pilot project with the University of British Columbia’s Human Early Learning Partnership. The pilot project, funded by Vancouver Foundation, Teck Metals Ltd., and the Columbia Basin Trust will identify vulnerabilities in pre-school children and work to enhance their developmental outcomes.

Data collected in 2017 reported that 110 kindergarten-age children throughout School District 20 showed vulnerabilities in one or more critical areas of development (UBC, Early Development Instrument Data). Working in partnership with UBC, FAN will increase opportunities for families with pre-school aged children to check their children’s development through community events and by partnering with childcare centres and other local services.

Areas of development that are observed during developmental screening include large or small motor skills, problem solving abilities, and social and emotional skills. Analyzing the summary-level results of the developmental screenings across the region, we will be able to see which areas of development pre-school aged children may be experiencing delays or vulnerabilities in. FAN and UBC will share emerging information with local early childhood service providers and collectively, make decisions around investments and programing that work to address areas of vulnerability.

Watch for the launch of our marketing campaign this Fall with information about where you can participate in checking your child’s development. Early screening is a fantastic way to uncover any little hurdles in your child’s development and address them, setting your child up for success as they enter the school system and for their lives. Working together we can enhance outcomes for our children.

For more information, contact FAN at 1-855-368-3707 or email