Last chance for parents with children between 16-20 months to participate! Parents and caregivers with a child between the ages of 16 and 20 months who live in the Lower Columbia region have an opportunity to be a part of a provincial UBC pilot project. The Family Action Network is partnered with UBC’s Human Early Learning Partnership to help to unroll the Toddler Development Index. The Toddler Development Instrument (TDI) asks questions related to contextual factors that influence early child development, such as daily routines, family-child interactions, and available parental/caregiver and community supports. We will be wrapping up our data collection phase at the end of the day on FRIDAY, June 2nd.

The purpose of the TDI is to better understand the early life experiences of toddlers and their families and to elicit further systems of support for families and communities. The Lower Columbia region is one of 8 pilot sites the TDI is currently active in across the province.

Your last chance to participate is Friday, June 2nd. Please call Sonia Tavares at 250-368-6770 if you are interested in participating! We can arrange to have you fill out the questionnaire, which takes 10 minutes.

FAN invites all parents/primary caregivers of children age 16-20 months to participate in this pilot implementation by completing a copy of the TDI. Parents can provide feedback on their thoughts about the TDI and their experience filling it out. Feedback is greatly appreciated and will help shape the content and administration of the TDI questionnaire in our community and across the province.

To thank parents for their time and participation, a $10 gift card is available upon completion of the TDI questionnaire and feedback form.

If parents have any questions about the TDI, please contact Christy Anderson at FAN 1-855-368-3707 or Madeline Chan, UBC’s TDI Implementation Manager at: