One of FAN’s priority projects since its inception in 2014 was the establishment of family friendly washrooms throughout the Lower Columbia region with the support of local business and organizations.  This is how Easy Peezy Washrooms were born.  Since March of this year, due to safety concerns around COVID-19, many of these washrooms are not currently available for public use.   FAN has updated the listing page indicating which of the washrooms are currently available for families in our region.  It is also important to note there are other washrooms open throughout the region that are not designated Easy Peezy sites – but still available for use.  These washrooms include the City of Trail’s Gyro Park location, and the City of Rossland’s Skateboard/YAN location.

Together with its partners, FAN has worked hard to help raise awareness about the importance of investing in early childhood and families in our region. Those businesses and organizations that have come on board with the Easy Peezy project understand the importance of offering more amenities for young families in our communities and they will continue to do so when it is reasonably safe to open up to the public.  We thank them for their dedication to making our region the ‘best place to raise a family.’

.Please check the FAN website often for updated information on the status of Easy Peezy Washroom sites.