Regular Screening For Kids Under 5 Is Important

Ages & Stages Events

One of FAN’s key objectives is to raise awareness about the importance of regularly checking all children from birth to age five for developmental milestones. Our Ages and Stages events, offered in partnership with local early childhood professionals, provide a chance for local families to have a free, one hour appointment to check their child’s development. Families can ask questions during the appointment about topics like eating, sleeping, walking, behaviour and talking.

FAN is committed to offering two Ages and Stages events each year.

Ages & Stages Events Schedule

Fall Kiro Clinic

This event brings several early childhood and health professionals together under one roof for the day. Families can have their children screened for age-based developmental milestones, providing a snapshot of a child’s development at their current age. They can also have a child’s hearing tested, meet with a speech therapist and have a simple dental check.

Next Clinic:

Spring Mobile Clinic

Rotating through our Lower Columbia communities, this clinic will set up at a child-friendly location and offer local families the opportunity to have their children’s development checked. Families appreciate the opportunity to connect to a professional and ask questions about topics like eating, sleeping, behaviour, walking and talking.

Next Clinic:
Rossland Summit School – 2390 Jubilee St., Rossland BC
3:30 pm to 6:30 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday April 18, 2018
Call FAN to register: 1-855-368-3707

Download: FAN Poster (Rossland) April – 2018