Rossland’s Four Winds Certified

Four Winds Childcare Centre in Rossland is now a Check Early Check Often Centre, providing easier access to early childhood development information for parents and caregivers in the Alpine City with children five and under.

The Family Action Network is thrilled to announce the unveiling of a network of ‘Check Early, Check Often Centres’ across the region – one of which is Four Winds Childcare Centre, in Rossland. Working with existing programs and service providers, Check Early, Check Often Centres provide parents and caregivers with easy access to information, support and resources to encourage and track their children’s development.

At each Check Early, Check Often Centre, there is an early childhood professional who has been trained to administer the Ages and Stages questionnaire and who can provide information about local programs and supports for any child or family who needs a little extra help. Parents and caregivers can access the Ages and Stages questionnaire at any of the seven Check Early Check Often centres in our region, regardless of whether their children are attending a program at that site. “We want all parents with young children to check their children’s development ‘early and often’ and particularly at the ages of 18 and 36 months.” Says FAN Executive Director Christy Anderson.

Checking development is done in partnership with the parent and where possible, with a play-based approach so children can demonstrate what they are able to do. Parents become familiar with the different domain areas of healthy childhood development and are able to celebrate milestones as their child reaches them and identify and address any little bumps that the child may encounter.

Many parents in our region have participated with their children in FAN’s Ages and Stages days. To date 230 children have participated in early developmental screening and just under 25% of those children have been provided with additional information, supports or activities to work on at home to encourage their development. Establishing the seven Check Early Check Often Centres provides more access to information and resources around early childhood development for parents. Families don’t have to wait for our Ages and Stages clinics to check their children’s development, though these annual events will still take place.

Healthy development during the early years is important as this is a time of rapid brain growth in children and sets a course for future outcomes for that child. FAN is working hard to support and empower parents and caregivers during this important period of their child’s life. Additional resources available to parents at each Check Early Check Often centre include fridge magnets and key rings with age-appropriate activities to work on at home that encourage growth and development. At any time, parents can access information on early childhood development, local programs and supports by visiting and can sign up to receive our e-news too!

Stop in to the Four Winds, or any of the Check Early Check Often Centres today to access information and resources on your child’s development.

Check Early Check Often Centres:

Four Winds Childcare Centre 250-362-5233
Rossland StrongStart Program 250-362-7388

Trail FAIR Society 250-364-2326
CBAL (Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy) 250-368-6770
Building Beautiful Babies Program 250-364-2326
CCRR Office 250-364-2980

Beaver Valley:
Beaver Valley Nursery School 250-367-7887

StrongStart at Fruitvale Elementary 250-367-7541

Circle of Indigenous Nations Society 250-231-4968
Kootenay Family Place 250-365-8448
Interior Health Public Health Nurses

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